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Hal’s story

February 1, 2021
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Male Senior Care Options member Hal smiling while seated at home

Hal is a CCA Senior Care Options member in his mid-80s who joined CCA in 2015. His primary care physician at the time suggested CCA so that Hal could receive care in his own home. “It’s quite the luxury having this attention. It makes me feel confident about managing my health,” Hal says.

Hal has multiple chronic conditions, including congestive heart failure, asthma, and coronary artery disease. These health issues have developed slowly over the past few years. “Other than that, I’m in perfect health,” Hal jokes.

Hal’s care partner, Christine, has been with him since he joined CCA. She’s seen him almost every other week since he became a member. Hal appreciates that Christine is caring and attentive. He also loves hearing about her life. “Christine has a beautiful little girl and I love seeing the photographs. It really lifts my spirits,” Hal says.

“When I joined CCA, it was like a dream come true.”

Healthcare services at home

CCA provides Hal with several services. He gets meals delivered to his home and a home aide comes by twice a week to do laundry and clean the apartment. He has also been seen by instED®, a mobile integrated health program, which helps him to stay out of the hospital.

“CCA has helped me to stay at home and receive services where I am most comfortable. I feel like I have people who really care about me.”

Hal also used to see a psychiatrist, but it became difficult to keep up with appointments. Christine took over prescribing his medications and set him up with a behavioral health specialist.

“Gratitude is key

One of Hal’s main goals is to be able to continue painting. He teaches an art class in his building and usually has about 12 students. “It’s very enjoyable and it keeps me going. It’s very rewarding in many ways, and stimulating and inspiring,” Hal says.

Although Hal finds joy in painting, he went through a period of depression where he didn’t want to paint anymore. He realized giving up wasn’t getting him anywhere and that he had to turn his attitude around. “I had to be grateful for what I have, grateful for what everyone’s doing for me, and grateful for the fact that I have wonderful friends,” he says.

Gratitude is key, Hal says, and he tries to pass it on whenever he can. He has a friend who lives in his building who is struggling with dementia. When his friend talks negatively about himself, Hal does his best to cheer him up. “I try to encourage him and make him feel better. Doing that makes me feel better,” Hal says.

Setting and achieving goals with support

Hal hopes his health will continue to improve and he appreciates the support he gets from his friends and his CCA care team members, like Christine. 

“I look up to them, and I have respect for their knowledge, ability, and decision-making,” he says.

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