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Safe, effective care comes first

Many of our members experience pain because of serious health conditions or disabilities. Their doctors may prescribe opioids or other medications to help reduce pain. Pain medications may be medically necessary for the effective treatment of our members, and we work to ensure that these members can get the prescription drugs that they need. We also provide extra support to oversee that each member’s treatment plan is safe. For members who are identified as potentially at risk for opioid abuse, the Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) pharmacy team works with member care partners to carefully monitor treatment plans and patient progress for each member under their care.

Drug Treatment Options

If a member becomes addicted to a drug, like an opioid, CCA offers additional programs. Most major substance abuse providers are also in the CCA provider network. This includes those that provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We partner with many support programs, facilities, and specialists to provide a wide range of treatment options to members experiencing addiction. CCA covers numerous programs and services, including the ones listed below:

How to Get In-Crisis Help

Members in crisis who need substance detoxification services can get safe, community-based treatment at a CCA Crisis Stabilization Unit or call CCA Member Services.

Need more information?

View common questions about opioids.
Go to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website.1
Visit these helpful sections of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website:

Substance Use Disorder Transitions of Care Program

Our Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Transitions of Care program fosters collaboration with our SUD treatment providers to ensure that CCA members have the most comprehensive discharge plan possible when they are ready to return to the community. Watch the training video below to learn more about the program.

1 When you click this link, you will leave the Commonwealth Care Alliance website.

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