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Marie’s Place Community Crisis Stabilization provides respite care for members with acute behavioral health and/or substance use disorder needs as an alternative to hospitalization. The unit offers members a structured setting where our clinical teams focus on maintaining patient safety, improving recovery, and promoting a safe return to the community.

Commonwealth Care Alliance has long-standing partnerships and collaborates with emergency departments (EDs) across Massachusetts. If a CCA member is in the ED for a psychiatric reason, an ED representative can call our Behavioral Health team to review level of care determination. CCA can offer the member a place at Marie’s Place, especially when the member does not require an inpatient level of psychiatric care.

Peer support groups are an important part of care at Marie’s Place. Through shared understanding and mutual empowerment, peer support groups address the complex needs of patients across a wide range of issues, including substance abuse, trauma, and mental and behavioral health.

Our Location

Marie’s Place in Brighton is a three-story Victorian-style home whose location offers patients convenient access to the local community. Some patients can go “out on pass” independently, helping to prepare them for transitioning back to the community.

Our Community Crisis Stabilization successfully treats members with acute psychiatric crises, reducing the need for inpatient admissions.

of members had a behavioral health follow-up appointment scheduled after discharge
of admissions in 2022 come from the ED and avoided potential inpatient admissions
of members and patients rated their overall satisfaction as “good” or “excellent” in satisfaction surveys