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We partner with a broad network of providers, dentists, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities in Massachusetts. Our Provider and Pharmacy directory makes it easy to find the care you need. Search by plan name, specialty, location, or provider name. You can also use the filters to search for more specific information.

We also cover a wide range of brand-name and generic drugs. Use our digital drug list to search by name or drug type.

CCA One Care Covered Drug Documents

CCA One Care (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) (MA) — List of Covered Drugs/Formulary (2024)

A document that provides details on which prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and items are covered by CCA One Care.

CCA One Care (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) (MA) – Prior Authorization Criteria (2024)

A document that details the criteria you must meet to receive authorization for a drug.

CCA One Care (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) (MA) – Step Therapy Criteria (2024)

A list of certain drugs that require step therapy. Step therapy encourages you to try less expensive–but just as effective–drugs first. For example, if Drug A and Drug B treat the same medical condition, the plan may require you to try Drug A first. If Drug A does not work for you, the plan will then cover Drug B.

Contact MassHealth to enroll in CCA One Care

800-841-2900 (TTY 711)
8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday