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Your rights as a member

As a CCA member, you have the right to privacy, to be treated with fairness and respect, and to file a complaint.

Learn More About Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) member, you have certain rights concerning your healthcare. You also have certain responsibilities to the healthcare providers who are taking care of you. For more information, read the Rights and Responsibilities document (below) or call Member Services at 866-610-2273 (TTY 711).

You can also file a grievance if your rights are not respected. To learn how, visit the Appeals and Grievances page.

Member Release of Records Instructions and Form

Member Release of Records Instructions

Release of Information (ROI) Form

This form is used to release your health information from CCA to a person or organization. It can also be used to request your health information from a person or organization, such as a healthcare provider or hospital, to be shared with CCA.

Disenrolling from CCA Plans

Ending your membership may be voluntary or involuntary. You can end your membership at any time. To learn more, read the Evidence of Coverage / Member Handbook for your specific health plan (below).

You can also call Member Services at 866-610-2273 (TTY 711).

We’re here to support you

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