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This recognition is a testament to CCA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Boston Globe has ranked Commonwealth Care Alliance® number 1 on its list of Top Places to Work: Diversity Edition. This recognition is due to the organization’s commitment to hire talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, including diverse ethnicities and genders, as well as LGBTQ, veterans, and disabled candidates. CCA has also committed to providing extra mentoring and professional development to a top 20 list of high-potential women and people of color, bringing balance and diversity to advancement.

Additionally, CCA is committed to diversifying its hiring teams and providing additional comprehensive training. “Hiring managers have to reflect on the biases they bring to the interview table when considering candidates,” said Donna Grici, senior vice president of talent development and culture. “There’s bias associated with almost every decision we make.”

Employee responses about diversity were first culled from the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work rankings, and 40 of the companies that received the highest scores were sent a second questionnaire focused around their dedication to an equitable workplace. CCA had ranked number 16 on the list of Top Places to Work in 2020.

Companies that made the list demonstrated strength and efficacy in ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially when recruiting, hiring, and developing compensation, benefits, and professional development programs.

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