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Kevin McKay, Vice President of Market Partnership Strategy & Performance for CCA Health Rhode Island, appeared on the Bartholomewtown podcast to discuss the Medicaid redetermination process and what Rhode Island Medicaid recipients can expect.

McKay explained that Medicaid redetermination paused during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the end of the federal public health emergency, states are resuming. As a result, Rhode Island Medicaid recipients will be asked annually to provide proof of their eligibility to remain enrolled.

McKay advised individuals to keep their contact information up to date, because the Executive Office of Health and Human Services will send notices by mail to verify eligibility. McKay also noted that CCA Health Rhode Island is sending communications to members eligible for Medicaid to ensure they are aware of the process.

“Our biggest concern is making sure people who are still eligible for Medicaid don’t lose their coverage,” he said.

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