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According to the Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging, Rhode Island is among the nation’s 10 oldest states judged by the percentage of living residents aged 85 and older. As the state continues to collectively age, the demand for caregiving — both professional services like home and hospice care and unpaid caregiving offered by family members and loved ones — is likely to increase.

Smita Mazumdar, Director of Clinical Operations for CCA Health Rhode Island shares her top four tips to help manage caregiver burnout in an article in The Independent.

“Caregiver burnout is all too common. Caregivers need to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities that can leave a person feeling exhausted, disorganized, guilty, angry, and isolated. Many times, a caregiver prioritizes the needs of their loved ones over their own, but this pattern can impact both your own and your loved one’s quality of life,” she said.

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