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Smita Mazumdar, director of clinical operations for CCA Health Rhode Island, had a conversation with health reporter Barbara Morse on depression and the stigma that surrounds it in a segment on WJAR-TVs Studio 10 show.  

She explains that depression is a major issue that can worsen with age and can be hard to recognize. “Knowing what depression is and what the warning signs are is so important,” said Mazumdar. She explained that signs of depression could include feeling helpless, not eating normally, or not getting the rest you should. Losing interest in the things you once enjoyed could also be a sign.

She added, “Depression is not normal. It’s important that you seek care and treatment. At CCA Health Rhode Island, our team is focused on a community-based approach with a highly personal touch to help people.”

Mazumdar explained that CCA Health Rhode Island’s approach to treating depression is unique to each member, based on an individual’s needs and preferences. Treatment might include education, access to a CCA Health Rhode Island clinician, a lifestyle change, or referrals to community resources.

She also discussed the need to be culturally sensitive. Some individuals may be hesitant to seek care due to their ethnic group, background, lived experiences, and the values they hold. She also noted the stigma around depression is real and it’s important to recognize that.

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