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CCA’s not-for-profit Center to Advance Consumer Partnership was developed to help healthcare and community-based organizations transform the quality of care for people with complex needs  

November 11, 2019 – Boston, MA – Commonwealth Care Alliance® today announced that they are the recipient of a $1.77 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the growth of CCA’s newest innovation: the Center to Advance Consumer Partnership (CACP). Building on CCA’s own consumer-centered approach and track record, CACP is dedicated to driving the broad adoption of collaboration between healthcare organizations and individuals with complex health and social needs. Through the CACP model, consumers are authentically engaged as experts in their own lives, partnering with health care leaders to innovate, develop, and implement care and service models that work and measures that matter.

The CACP provides healthcare and community-based organizations with the tools, resources and expert support needed to implement a consumer partnership-based business model that integrates consumer insights into organizational decision-making and results in better outcomes. The grant will accelerate CACP’s ability to disseminate the model and demonstrate the value proposition of their approach. 

“Consumers that have a range of medical, behavioral health, and social needs, as well as those with disabilities and chronic illnesses, are far too often left out of important planning within healthcare and community-based organizations. CACP aims to bridge this gap,” said Larry Gottlieb, chief quality officer at Commonwealth Care Alliance and president of the CACP. 

“When our consumer partners at CCA translate their lived experience into insights, and we act on those insights, we can significantly improve organizational performance,” said Melinda Karp, CCA vice president for consumer-centered quality and executive director of the CACP. “The CACP will introduce that knowledge and perspective to organizations around the country.”

The grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will support the CACP’s work through a 30-month Early Adopter Program that includes two beta test organizations, Healthcare Access Maryland and California’s SCAN Health Plan, as well as four additional organizations beginning in early 2020. Organizations interested in learning more can do so at  

“CCA’s approach to consumer partnership is one of the keystones of our mission,” said Christopher D. Palmieri, president and CEO of Commonwealth Care Alliance. “CCA members actively participate as consumer partners, translating their lived experiences into insights that improve quality, reduce cost, and improve care experience. Through the work of the CACP and the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CCA has the opportunity to lead the paradigm shift of healthcare in this nation, collecting evidence that our approach not only reduces costs for the larger healthcare system, but also generates better outcomes for people with complex health needs.” 

About Commonwealth Care Alliance

Headquartered in Boston, Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating, and providing the highest-quality, individualized care. CCA is a nationally recognized leader in providing care for high-cost, high-needs individuals through a proven model that improves quality and health outcomes while reducing overall costs of care. In Massachusetts, CCA’s two health plans serve approximately 33,000 members who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, and for three consecutive years, CCA’s One Care plan earned a top rating from a consumer survey conducted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Learn more about CCA’s pioneering healthcare solutions and validated care model at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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