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Corey McCarty, senior vice president and general manager of CCA Health Rhode Island, talked with health reporter Barbara Morse about CCA Health Rhode Island’s innovative approach to caring for members.

“We are a mission-driven health care services organization, which means we offer both high quality health care plans as well as services that are tailored for older adults and those living with disabilities,” McCarty said.

They discussed the value of telemedicine, and how its use increased during the pandemic. But not all CCA Health Rhode Island members have access to the technology. He explained, “At CCA Health, we must ensure that our members have access to the services in the community they need to be able to live safely and independently.”

He explained that for the homebound population, telemedicine is a great option. McCarty noted, “CCA Health Rhode Island has many members who don’t have access to a smartphone, computer, or internet, or if they do, might not know how to use it. If our members don’t have access, we give them the tools they need, and even teach them how to use the technology.”

He also mentioned a mobile urgent care service CCA Health Rhode Island launched for its members, bringing a specially trained paramedic to a member’s home for convenient access to care that otherwise would result in a visit to urgent care or the emergency department.  

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