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Cary, N.C. – Wednesday, June 28, 2023 – CPESN® USA today announce an expansion of its partnership with Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) to utilize local pharmacy providers to improve care for high-needs individuals. CPESN USA, a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy providers created to provide enhanced health services in local communities expands its existing program with CCA, a mission-driven healthcare services organization that offers high-quality health plans and care delivery programs designed for individuals with significant needs.

The CCA program originally launched with CPESN® Massachusetts pharmacy providers nearly four years ago. Next month, the program will expand into three additional states, with CCA working with CPESN® California, CPESN® Michigan and several CPESN pharmacies in Rhode Island, that have affiliated with CPESN Massachusetts.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Commonwealth Care Alliance and to collaborate with them over the next several years,” said Alison Haas, Pharm.D., director of value-based contracting for CPESN USA. “Our networks and pharmacy providers in California, Michigan, and Rhode Island are looking forward to collaborating and helping CCA improve the health of these at-risk patients.”

“CPESN Massachusetts pharmacy providers were able to help us reach our clinical Key Performance Indicators and improve the health of our complex members,” said Tova Berman, Pharm.D., senior director of pharmacy for CCA. “We are looking forward to expanding into these three new markets with additional CPESN pharmacies to provide this additional layer of care to our members. We look forwarded to continued collaboration and expansion of services within the CPESN network.”

The two companies will implement clinical initiatives focused on gaps in care and on medication adherence for individuals with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. These initiatives will include medication reconciliation, packaging, synchronization, and delivery. Pharmacists will have the opportunity to screen patients, assess their needs, communicate with care teams, including the primary care physician, and make interventions as needed. This partnership will focus on reducing polypharmacy, providing guideline recommended therapy, and improving medication adherence.


CPESN® USA a clinically integrated, nationwide organization of pharmacy networks structured to advance community-based pharmacy practice. They empower community-based pharmacies that are deeply rooted within their community by fostering their ability to provide high quality, patient-centered enhanced services. CPESN® pharmacies integrate with other healthcare providers on the patient’s care team to coordinate medical treatment. The results are better medication adherence, higher patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. You can find CPESN® Networks of pharmacy providers in 43 states across America. To learn more, please visit

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