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CCA Health Rhode Island’s Stephanie Gill and Marcy Reyes recently talked with Positive Living Show host Patricia Raskin on the Voice America Talk Radio network to explain how CCA Health Rhode Island is transforming healthcare for people with significant needs.

The discussion included CCA Health Rhode Island’s care model, the importance of community-based and person-centric care strategies, gaps in the healthcare system, CCA Health’s philanthropic programs, and Medicare Open Enrollment.

Marcy Reyes, director of marketing strategy and planning at CCA Health Rhode Island, explained the care model. Reyes said, “The focus is an ‘uncommon care’ model, based on the concept that we want to establish a deep understanding of the needs of our members and provide them with unmatched quality of care.”

She noted there are three areas of focus. The first is community focus, looking at social determinants of health and medical needs and providing care through acute stabilization programs and other types of programs. Second is seamless integration through the care coordination model, which addresses members needs such as health, transportation, and prescription management. The third is innovation to address the unmet needs of members. CCA Health uses predictive analytics and data to inform direct care decisions  and to provide access to things like virtual care, telehealth, video conferencing and remote patient monitoring.

They also discussed ways they help members through care partners, based on what the member needs and wants.  Stephanie Gill, director of business and provider partnership development at CCA Health RI, also explained what sets CCA Health apart from other plans.

Gill commented, “We are being very intentional about providing the services and the health care that is customized to what individuals are looking for. We are really good listeners and meet our members where they are.” Focus groups and an advisory council are some of the ways CCA Health learns what members need are and how best to meet them.

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