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Through a network of highly skilled paramedics and a cutting-edge technology platform, instED makes it easy to receive urgent medical care at home

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (February 24, 2022) instED®, a proven mobile integrated health provider that offers a convenient and practical alternative to visiting an emergency room for urgent medical care needs, is now available in Rhode Island.

By delivering high-quality and compassionate urgent care in home settings, instED helps patients avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department. It also reduces strain on local hospitals and fills the gap between primary care and emergency care—even for people with the most significant needs.

“Research shows that nearly 67 percent of all emergency department visits are avoidable. These visits are expensive and exacerbate a dangerous trend, especially as hospitals across the country continue to experience overcrowding due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sebastiaan Foppema, instED’s general manager and CEO. “By bringing instED to Rhode Island, we are pioneering a way for individuals and providers to gain access to a proven model that directly leads to improved health outcomes and lower costs of care. At its core, instED is about meeting patients in the comfort and safety of their own home when they need urgent medical care.”

instED, which first began offering its services in Massachusetts in 2014, is supported by a proprietary, comprehensive technology platform called instED Now. This platform uses leading technology and security protocols to provide a safe, secure and user-friendly way to request an instED visit. In addition, the technology platform allows paramedics to actively engage in the care process and easily document all necessary information along the way.

Individuals can request an urgent medical care visit to their homes by phone, by the instED website (  or though the company’s smartphone apps. From there, a specially trained team of registered nurses determines the patient’s best course of care, and if appropriate, an in-home visit will be conducted within a few hours of receiving the patient’s request. instED’s network of highly trained paramedics and medical professionals respond to and treat a wide variety of symptoms including acute illnesses (abdominal pain, shortness of breath, COVID-related symptoms, anxiety, depression and more); chronic conditions (congestive heart failure, migraine headaches, asthma, behavioral health and more); and injuries (burns, basic wound care, fall assessment and more).

In 2021, instED paramedics completed more than 4,400 in-home visits in response to the urgent care needs of over 2,100 patients, resulting in approximately $6.1 million in medical cost savings. More than 82 percent of instED visits resulted in the avoidance of an emergency department visit or an inpatient admission. instED’s patient satisfaction is consistent and impressive with an NPS score well above 90.

instED, which is already available in Massachusetts, is now available to Rhode Islanders who have health insurance through Commonwealth Care Alliance.

To learn more or to request a visit, visit or call 1-833-9-INSTED. The instED patient and provider apps can also be downloaded in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

About instED:

instED, a proven, mobile integrated health provider, is on a mission to help individuals avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency department and, instead, provide urgent medical care in the comfort of a patient’s home. Launched in Massachusetts in 2014, instED combines a comprehensive technology platform, instED Now, with a wide network of trained paramedics, to bring its deep expertise in home-based care to individuals needing urgent medical care that doesn’t require a visit to the emergency department. In early 2022, instED expanded its service to Rhode Island.

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