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COVID-19 Isolation & Recovery Centers with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, CCA was contacted by the Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Center to assist the Commonwealth in managing its COVID-positive, marginally-housed population. We collaborated with state regulators to create—and then manage—a program to temporarily house these individuals in six hotel sites across the state that were transformed into COVID-19 Isolation & Recovery Centers.  

Collaborating closely with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, CCA organized a Site Management Team and embedded on-site managers at each location to supervise operations and triage issues as needed. Site staff included hotel personnel, contracted nurses as well as CCA nurses and behavioral health specialists, a support team and security detail.  

An intake coordinator determined eligibility for the program—individuals with a positive COVID test result who were able to safely isolate without medical supervision. Those eligible were registered and provided transportation to the nearest site with an available room. 

On-site clinical services included COVID-19 symptom monitoring, twice-daily vitals, chronic condition medication support, EMS coordination as needed, telehealth, and 24/7 translation services. Guests were provided with three meals a day, 24/7 nursing and security, and other supports to ensure continuation of care.  

In its first phase, the highly successful program served over 2,500 individuals, with an average length of stay of 10 days. Guests were able to safely recover from COVID-19 and access behavioral health and other services before discharge, including access to recovery coaches and housing assistance programs. More recently, a second phase was launched at a single site that has served more than 250 individuals to date. 

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