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A COVID-19 vaccine story

March 12, 2021
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Medical worker wearing personal protective equipment holding a COVID-19 vaccine vial

CCA Senior Care Options member Bobbie is in his late 70s and joined CCA in 2013 after learning about it from a friend. He has several chronic conditions, including COPD, which is a lung disease, and kidney failure. He goes to dialysis to do the things his kidneys can’t, like remove waste and extra water from his body. He learned about the COVID-19 vaccine one day while he was getting dialysis.

An employee at the clinic came around with information about the vaccine and asked if he was interested. He read the information first before agreeing to get the shot. Bobbie got his first shot in mid-January and his second shot a month later.

“This was a precaution to hopefully keep me from getting COVID-19. If it’s going to help me, I’m all for it.”

Bobbie felt well-informed about the vaccine and the possible risks. “They are very cautious at the clinic, and I had a lot of faith in them,” he says. He had some pain where he got the shot, but it went away in about a day.

Bobbie still wears a mask when he goes out and avoids crowds. But he felt confident enough about the vaccine that he has recommended it to people he knows. “I tell everyone that I got the shot. If you have a place to go and get it, what are you waiting for?”

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