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Effective immediately, the federally mandated 21st Century Cures Act requires enrollment for all Medicaid managed care network health care professionals. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and MassHealth are enforcing this enrollment requirement. If you are not enrolled with the state Medicare agency or your enrollment is expired, you may be at risk of removal from CCA’s integrated care plans, including CCA Senior Care Options and CCA One Care.

By complying with the Cures Act and having a current MassHealth enrollment, you will help maintain your network participation and avoid billing delays.

Next steps

CCA will contact you in writing if you are required to enroll in MassHealth to obtain a Medicaid ID. When you receive this notice, please act immediately. You may enroll as a nonbilling provider. 

If action is required
Complete the MassHealth Nonbilling Network-only contract. This means you will now have two different, active contracts:

  1. CCA Senior Care Options / CCA One Care contract
  2. A MassHealth Nonbilling Managed Care Entity (MCE) Network-only Provider contract

Please note: Enrolling does not mean you are required to deliver services to MassHealth fee-for-service members. 

Visit the MassHealth website ( to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact the CCA Provider Services line at 866-420-9332.