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Nereida's story

January 5, 2023
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CCA member Nereida has been receiving care from her CCA care partner, Marilyn, for nearly four years. They are so close, and their rapport is so easy, that they have been mistaken for family.

“People ask me if she is my daughter,” Nereida said, laughing, during a recent visit with Marilyn.

Nereida is most comfortable speaking Spanish, which she does with Marilyn, who translated for this interview. The two talk about what Nereida needs to feel her best on any given day. But they also talk about other things. Their common goal is to improve Nereida’s health, and along the way, they’ve shared many details about their lives.

Nereida is from Puerto Rico and still has family there. Recently, her nephew traveled to the continental U.S. to spend a few weeks with her, one of the highlights of her year. She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren close by, too. They cook for her, help decorate her apartment, and drop by often just to spend quality time.

She’s from a family that loves food—one of her grandsons is even a chef. She talks about one granddaughter’s cooking with pride, commenting that she had a good teacher. It was Nereida.

Since enrolling with CCA, Nereida has learned to better manage her diabetes and arthritis. Marilyn has helped her with medications, equipment, and arranging her furniture and belongings for accessibility.

It is important to Nereida to be able to continue doing the things she enjoys. Besides enjoying family visits, her favorite pastimes include singing, salsa and merengue dancing, and sewing. Her faith is also very important to her, and she is active in her church and values her religious community.

Nereida said a healthy life, for her, means living a life of love. She focuses on the positive even if she
is not feeling well.

“I am a happy person. I’m grateful for the good things in my life.”

CCA member Nereida
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